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Disposables and Mascara Wands...

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Mascara should be changed out every three months. Expect your spa to change the mascara wand every time the tester is used. At Terry Binns Spa you will find an array of disposables in the makeup room to keep your experience clean and 'correct.' Each use of mascara requires a new disposable wand. If you like, we have packages of wands for home use to purchase. Keeping your eyes clean and clear is an important part of the 'beauty' experience.

FYI: Our use of disposables in the nail room is part of our standard of cleanliness and safety. You have probably noticed that many nail files are clearly marked 'sanitizable.' We don't re-use files between clients. Each file is either thrown in the trash after use or offered for you to take home. Each single-use pedicure file is removed from the stainless steel handle after use and trashed. Our pedicure file handles are stainless steel thereby reducing plastic waste. It's just the way we do things....


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