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Wax on, wax off...

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Our estheticians at Terry Binns Spa enjoy waxing and are very, very good at what they do. We know you have a lot of choices for a waxing experience. The facial rooms at Terry Binns Spa are not limited to one wax for 'all seasons' and 'all people.' Our estheticians are educated to make choices for your waxing based of what will work best for your skin, hair type, and the area being waxed.

It's common that our clients have one or two small waxing services during a facial, however schedule extra time for larger waxing services such as leg, back, and seasonally popular bikini line waxing. We're going to help you feel comfortable. If an area shouldn't be waxed, we will tell you so, that's just what we do..

P.S. Our facial rooms are stocked with the best waxes: Cirepil imported from France and the trendy new Ital wax from Italy.


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